These are the examples currently available with JaCa-Web’s distribution. If you would like to contribute examples or applications, please get in contact with the developers.

Hello World – Mattia Minotti, 2009

First Hello World application to test compatibility. It allows to click on a button and see a message in form of a Javascript alert.


MALLOW Primes – Mattia Minotti, 2010

Primes search example, where two agents share tools and coordination artifacts to support their activity of searching primes numbers from 0 to a X (specified by user).


Product Search – Mattia Minotti, 2009

Product Search is a tipical Web application that allows users to search products from different services using a rich, reactive and interactive interface. Besides, it allows users to define the url of a Jason agent, for each service, developed for a specific communication protocol with the service itself.

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